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Do you want a healthier and better looking smile? At New Century Dental Group, we have the expertise to ensure you get the right dentistry service!

  • Meet The Doctors in Los Angeles

    Meet The Doctor

    At New Century Dental Group we are experienced and dedicated to our work so come and get to know us. We believe it is important for patients and dentists to have a genuine and friendly relationship.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Our dental group prides itself on its cosmetic dentistry services as well as its general dentistry. We offer cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and implants to improve your smile.

  • Dental Tips in Los Angeles

    Dental Tips

    We seek to prevent dental health problems through awareness. This is why we offer our patients a number of dental tips which will help our patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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New Century Dental Group is dedicated to making you feel better about your smile. We believe the relationship between a patient and dentist is extremely important and leads to much better care.

We provide you and your whole family with the highest quality dental care that any dentist in Los Angeles CA can offer. Dr. Mark Treystman, DDS, and his experienced team will assist you and your family with whatever oral problems you are suffering from.

We don't just do a quick checkup and send you on your way. We want to make sure that there are no underlying oral concerns, so you can stay pain- and stress-free when it comes to your dental hygiene. Dr. Treystman and his team are ready to handle even the most severe oral concerns.

If you're in search of a dentist Beverly Hills CA can count on, look no further than New Century Dental Group. Whether you need routine care or you want to take advantage of our cosmetic dentistry services, you're in good hands with our trusted staff. We provide cleanings for children and adults of all ages as well as fillings, crowns, dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening treatments, and more.

Our team constantly seeks to better ourselves and expand our dental hygiene knowledge by staying up to date with all the latest training and practices throughout the dental industry.

Your dental health doesn't just end with brushing and flossing. Whether you're in search of a new dentist for the whole family or the dentist Beverly Hills CA turns to for all its cosmetic dental needs, New Century Dental Group can help bring a beautiful and healthy smile to your face.

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If you are in need of a dentist in Los Angeles CA and a healthier and better looking smile, New Century Dental Group is there for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment (323) 653-5484!

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General Dental Care

New Century Dental Group offers a series of general dental care services. Through preventative care, we can assess the condition of your teeth and identify any problems you are (or will be) experiencing. We can then perform prophylactic cleaning and dental surgery, as needed, in order to keep your teeth clean and safe from complications.

We also treat and restore damaged teeth. Whether you are suffering from cavities or from a horrible accident that broke off a tooth or two, we can perform the necessary procedures (such as fillings or crowns), to restore your normal oral functions. If your condition proves more complicated than previously evaluated, our Los Angeles dentist can refer you to a specialist for further treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Our dental office offers cosmetic dentistry, in addition to general and preventative dentistry. We can improve the aesthetics of your teeth and help you achieve your dream smile. Why search far and wide for a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills if you can approach New Century Dental Group for treatment?

New Century Dental Group mainly offers teeth whitening and dental implants. With teeth whitening, you no longer have to worry about yellowed or discolored teeth once we bleach them back to a healthy, natural white. Dental implants, on the other hand, provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, allowing patients with missing teeth to smile once again with confidence.

Dentist Los Angeles | New Century Dental Group

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New Century Dental Group is your partner in holistic oral healthcare. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Treystman, and his dedicated staff are committed to dental excellence that every patient deserves. Begin your path toward optimal oral health today.

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