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Dental Tips

Everyone can benefit from a few dental tips, despite good dental hygiene. Believe it or not, many of our dental problems remain elusive until we have a full dental checkup. There's that one culprit - bacteria - that creeps around when we least expect it.

  • Tip # 1: Brushing and Flossing goes a long way

    Most people are unaware of how their dental problems begin. Simple brushing and flossing several times a day could eliminate many dental issues. In fact, most periodontal diseases are caused by the aggravation of tartar and plaque, and allowing it to build up on teeth will expose you to potentially more severe problems such as gingivitis.

    Even if you're one of the unlucky ones who are particularly prone to tartar, it is still possible to control much of the problem. The most important factor is excellent dental hygiene. Plaque grows very quickly so it is critical to brush your teeth after every meal to remove harmful bacteria and any food debris. At the very minimum, brushing should last two minutes. It's also essential to change your toothbrush regularly. When the bristles of your toothbrush become dull, it will be less effective in removing plaque.

  • Tip #2: Check if Medical Conditions create a predisposition to problems

    There are individuals who are prone to develop problems with tartar. Some factors are due to lifestyle, while others, unfortunately, are organic and therefore more difficult to control. Indeed, the composition of your saliva can predispose you to plaque and tartar. Having teeth with weak enamel or even poorly positioned teeth are also factors that predispose individuals to dental problems.

    There are certain medical conditions that disrupt the endocrine system and promote the development of plaque. Some, such as pregnancy or puberty, are only temporary. Others, such as diabetes are conditions that can only be traced by regular dental checkups.

  • Tip #3: Monitor your choice of foods and beverages

    Poor eating habits and the consumption of certain substances can damage or change the color of tooth enamel, such as tobacco, caffeine, chocolate, etc.

    The absolute worst beverages for your teeth are alcoholic and sugary beverages because they lower the body's defense against bacterial plaque and gingivitis, and over time these types of beverages promote demineralization of the enamel, thus allowing teeth to stain.

    It's important to know what is happening in your mouth before any damage escalates. Preventing future problems is as simple as following a few dental tips.

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