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  • "Amazing dentist, great hands, very intelligent. I am very happy with Dr. Treystman. Was made to feel very comfortable. No discomfort during treatment (first time for me!). The office manager was very pleasant as well."

    Steven S., Age 56

  • "My family has been Dr. Treystman's patients since 1999 or 2000. Mark is a good doctor. He puts patients' interest and well-being before the financial interests. Very carrying, gentle. Would recommend to others."

    Dmitry B., Age 36

  • "Dr Mark Treystman, or New Century Dental Group, was actually recommended to me by my co-worker (s). Several people in our company are his patients for years now. I went and decided that I have to give him a five star review right away!! I was shocked to read the review from 2008; (you had reviewed the assistant not the Dr). Anyway, I came in with $$ ready to pay for cosmetics. I wanted my front teeth done- Hollywood smile, crowns or veneers. Dr Mark REFUSED to do it for me. He actually told me that he is not going to do it to my perfectly healthy teeth that are not that bad. He showed me pictures of the patients that he had done it for and explained that my case is not the kind where it is needed. He have me an exam, a few fillings (I knew I needed them), cleaning and bleaching. I did read a lot about this issue and realized that he was right and he was honest. Can you imagine? When I went back to work, one of my co-workers told me that she is his patient for 7 years with her family, parents...Dr Mark never does anything that is not necessary just for profit. But when he does work, he takes pride in it, cares and makes sure that you are 100% satisfied. I am glad that I found this dentist. Thank You very much Dr Mark Treystman and his team @ New Century Dental!"

    Lily S., Age 49

  • "Wow!! What a great experience in a dental office. Dr. Mark was very competent, professional, friendly, and warm. I entered his office in serious pain (having not visiting a dentist in many years) and he immediately placed me in a relaxed environment and started treatment. He located the problem quickly, and alleviated a lot of the pain.. He was honest, and communicative about my needed dental treatment, and best of all his prices were more than fair. My mouth hasn't felt this good in 10 years, and it's nice to know I have an excellent dentist."

    Greg T.

  • "I've been going to Dr. Mark for years now. Before going to Dr. Mark, I had been going to a dentist in Beverly Hills whose office manager seemed to make the decisions about what treatments were "necessary" (i.e. how to max out my insurance). When I went in for my first appointment at New Century, I was a little nervous. The office is not "fancy." However, I quickly discovered that Dr. Mark is fantastic. (Give me an honest, skilled dentist over a fancy, Beverly Hills office any day of the week!) He is extremely gentle and very skilled. I also really appreciate his honesty as far as what treatment is necessary and what treatment is not. His assistant Yelena is very good and very kind. His office staff is friendly. I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes for an appointment, and, more often than not, I'm escorted in as soon as I arrive. If you want an honest, knowledgeable dentist, I recommend Dr. Mark!"

    Eleanor C., Age 43

  • "I recently had two implants done by the dentist at The New Century Dental Group. The Dentist and his staff were very professional and the implants were quite successful."

    Maria F., Age 69

  • "Dr. Mark is really good... He has a very gentle hand and gives an honest assessment of one's dental options... Considering that ALL of my teeth need work done after a few horrific dentists that milked my Medical back when I just came to US, this is as good as going to a dentist can be... Oh, and he has a great lab that does comparatively cheap lava crowns - I got one last time and they really do look and feel great."

    Julia K., Age 33

  • "I needed a teeth cleaning and I decided to go to New Century Dental Group. The receptionist was super friendly when I confirmed my appointment. I thought the assistant who cleaned my teeth did a good job and she was friendly. I met the Doctor once when he took a look at my teeth just to make sure everything looked good and he was a pretty nice guy. I had a pleasant experience here, as far as being in a dentist's office goes."

    Caria C., Age 28

  • "I am happy with this dental group because the workers the doctor and everyone are helpful and great with me every time I go there. The receptionist is kind and answers all my questions. The dentist is very patient and great with me because I hate going to the dentist and I am terrified. but every time I go there, I feel peaceful and relaxed since they are great with me. =]"

    Shake E., Age 25

  • "I went to New Century Dental for a checkup. Everyone was really nice. The lady at the front desk was really pleasant and helpful. I received a cleaning which was very thorough. The explanation of the dental work I needed was very precise. I could not have had a better experience. I am glad to have found a great dentist."

    Robert A., Age 44

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